Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner Shares Health Update Following Recent Open Heart Surgery

As previously reported, Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner recently underwent emergency heart surgery after suffering an aortic aneurysm onstage at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, KY. Now, the guitarist has shared a new health update, saying that he is “feeling very strong and positive.”

Faulkner said the following:

“⛓🦅🙏🏼Hello there maniacs!

I just wanted to post, and I’ve had many of you asking for an update on how my recovery is going.

I was able to return home from hospital 10 days after my surgery to continue recovery at home.

It has now been 7 weeks since the night it all happened and I’m feeling very strong and positive. My incisions have healed very well and I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m walking well and moving freely, I’m pretty active and I’m starting cardiac therapy very soon. I’m playing guitar everyday and with the love and support of my family, the continued support from you guys and the inspiration that i get from the guitar, I’ll be back on stage in no time! My surgeons are very pleased with my progress and have all reserved front row tickets for the next Priest show haha

It’s Thanksgiving this month, and whether you celebrate it or not, I have a lot to give thanks for this year; Including all of you for your patience, your love and your support. Lots of love and I’ll see you down the front soon, horns held high.


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