Wolfmother Surprise Release New Album “Rock Out”

Wolfmother have surprise released a new album titled “Rock Out.” You can find that effort on the service of your choice HERE.

“Rock Out” Track Listing:

01. “Fellin Love”
02. “Rock Out”
03. “Upload”
04. “Humble”
05. “Only Way”
06. “Metal & Fire”
07. “Outside”
08. “Mantle”
09. “Ego”
10. “Walking”

Andrew Stockdale commented:

“No label, no distributor, no manager, local band, no pre order or 8 month setup and a 19 year old engineer who’s now 20 @cameronlockwoodmusic from SAE made in the home studio and up at the studio up in Bangalow. Thank You Wolfmother Fans! Who says Rock’n’Rolls dead. If having all these things works for you no worries. I just think if a digital aggregator can get your music out in a few days, what’s the point in all the rest. I feel like Spotify and iTunes should be used like an app for musicians. But this is a billion dollar industry each to their own I just enjoy putting music out this way, respect to all the industry folk just enjoying a different trip.

Produced by Andrew Stockdale]
Drums @hamishrosser
Bass on Humble and Only Way @alexx_mcconnell
Bass, Guitar Vocals on the rest Andrew Stockdale]

And special mention to @paul_pilsonic who dropped in few a few hours tracked and mixed “Humble” which strangely enough seems to one of the best performing songs. Good effort Paul dig the Reverse delay Ozzy vocal treatment…🤙 Keep in mind this record was done this way mainly due to multiple lockdowns, travel restrictions all the rest. So ultimately we’re fortunate to be able to function in whatever capacity making this record.”

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