KISS’ Manager Says The Band’s Upcoming Las Vegas Residency Will Now Take Place In 2022

KISS recently cancelled their Las Vegas residency, but it looks like the shows will still happen sometime next year. During an appearance on “The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn,” the band’s manager Doc McGhee said that the concerts will likely take place in “either August or October.”

McGhee had the following to say about the residency, which was cancelled due to pandemic restrictions:

“When we did it, I said we’re gonna go until November 1st and see if we can get the people in from Europe. We have one chance for people to come to Vegas to see us because [KISS co-founders] Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] will not tour after [2022]; they’re gonna be done. So when we couldn’t get the people in, and the restrictions were there, I said, ‘We don’t have to do it now.’ We talked about it: ‘Let’s do it later down the road when everybody gets a chance to see a different section of KISS.’ This isn’t KISS, the stage show that we have today, this isn’t KISS 2.0 or any of that stuff — this will be a whole different vibe that people wanna come [and see]. And we’re gonna do 12 shows. Let people be able to come and see ’em for the last time in Vegas. It was hard enough on the [recently completed Kiss Kruise] — 174 people couldn’t come [due to COVID travel restrictions]; 174 cabins, [which was] like 300 people.”

He continued when asked for a time frame:

“I think it’s gonna be in, like, August [of 2022]. It’ll be either August or October. We’re checking it out now.”

McGhee also commented on the status of KISS’ final show:

“Obviously, it’s gotta be New York — somewhere in New York. If we’re doing [it] after September [of 2022], then there’s only a few places to play. So we’re still kind of mapping it out, because we were supposed to end at [the] Citi Field [baseball park in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in New York City] this past July. And with the pandemic, we couldn’t do any of that. And because of the heavy touring commitments that everybody’s put on in ’22, ’cause everybody’s been off for two years — everybody wants to go out — so it’s hard to get dates and all that kind of stuff.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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