Despised Icon Announce Expanded Reissues Of “Consumed By Your Poison” & “The Healing Process”

Despised Icon will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with new expanded reissues of “Consumed By Your Poison” and “The Healing Process.“ Both albums will be available on January 7 and they can be pre-ordered HERE.

The band commented:

“To commemorate our 20th anniversary, we are releasing our debut album ‘Consumed By Your Poison‘ as well as our sophomore album ‘The Healing Process‘ again. ‘Consumed By Your Poison‘ is out on vinyl for the very first time and with the original artwork. ‘The Healing Process‘ comes with a completely different mix and mastering, a long lost mix version Yannick St-Amand did at the end of the recording session in June 2004. We hope you enjoy these pieces of the band’s history that changed our lives forever…”

“Consumed By Your Poison” (reissue) Track Listing:

01. “Compelled To Copulate”
02. “Poissonnariat”
03. “Grade A-One”
04. “Le Chêne et le Roseau”
05. “Dead King”
06. “Absolu”
07. “Fashionable”
08. “Interfere In Your Days”
09. “Clef de Voûte”
10. “Despise The Icons”
11. “Poissonnariat” (re-recorded version 2006)
12. “Compelled To Copulate” (re-recorded version 2006)
13. “Compelled To Copulate” (live in Montreal 2008)

“The Healing Process” (reissue) (alternate mix) Track Listing:

01. “Bulletproof Scales” (alternate mix)
02. “Silver Plated Advocate” (alternate mix)
03. “Immaculate” (alternate mix)
04. “Warm Blooded” (alternate mix)
05. “Retina” (alternate mix)
06. “The Sunset Will Never Charm Us” (alternate mix)
07. “As Bridges Burn” (alternate mix)
08. “Harvesting The Deceased” (alternate mix)
09. “End This Day” (alternate mix)
10. “The Sunset Will Never Charm Us” (live in Montreal 2008)
11. “Retina” (live in Montreal 2008)
12. “Harvesting The Deceased” (live in Montreal 2008)
13. “Immaculate” (live in Montreal 2008)
14. “Warm Blooded” (live in Montreal 2008)
15. “Bulletproof Scales” (live in Montreal 2008)

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