David Coverdale Hints At The Possibility Of Whitesnake Touring Without Him Following Upcoming Farewell Tour

During a recent interview with Mitch Lafon on “The Jeremy White Show,” David Coverdale opened up about his upcoming farewell tour with Whitesnake. Interestingly, the frontman also hinted at the possibility of the band touring with a new singer in the future.

Coverdale said the following:

“My farewell tour was supposed to be when I was 69. That’s the appropriate age for the Whitesnake singer to step down. As it happened, it’s going to be 70. I’ll be 70 going out there.

It’s not the performing that’s challenging for me. It’s the traveling. And I couldn’t travel any nicer, but it’s still very tiring on me. I’m working out like a motherfucker, so I have the energy. I’m energized by my band and the appreciative audiences. I think it’s going to be extraordinarily emotional at a lot of these shows. Because a lot of people have supported my work for 40, 50 years. But it’s just me saying goodbye to touring at that level.”

He continued:

“It’s just going to be David Coverdale stepping down. There’s a possibility we can do something — that Whitesnake does continue to do something. But…other than in the studio, I won’t be participating.”

The singer also added:

“No bets are off. As Sean Connery said, ‘Never say never again.’ But right now [retirement from touring] is the intention. And just being respectful to who I am, my age and the people who supported my music. I’d rather step down at the top of my game and continue making music. It’s absolutely oxygen for me. It’s something I’ve thought about and I’m supported by my family in my decision. Whitesnake music will continue; I have no doubts.”

[via iheart.com]

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