Christian Brady On HELLYEAH: “I Know That We’re Not Done”

During a recent interview with Todd Kerns (Slash, etc.), Christian Brady offered an update on HELLYEAH. According to him, the band are “not done.”

Brady said the following:

“Chad’s doing MUDVAYNE. I’m assuming that’ll keep him probably busy for a minute, at least through the next year, doing touring stuff. I don’t know what their plans are as far as if they’re gonna do an album or anything like that; I don’t know.

Chad actually lives here in Vegas now; he moved out here recently. We talk often, but we just don’t necessarily talk [about his plans for MUDVAYNE]. But we do talk HELLYEAH sometimes, and we’re all in contact. And Tom’s [Maxwell, HELLYEAH guitarist] actually been writing a bunch, man. He sent some ideas out and they’re really cool. It’s kind of sparking that in me again, and [in] Chad. So we’re talking about doing some writing. I don’t know yet what it’ll turn into, but I know that we’re not done.

None of us have said, ‘Yeah, HELLYEAH’s done.’ A lot of people probably assume that — ‘Yeah, Chad’s back with MUDVAYNE. HELLYEAH’s done’ — but we’ve never said that to each other or publicly at all. HELLYEAH’s not done. We’re just not sure what HELLYEAH’s going to be moving forward.

Right now, we have no label. We have no management. We cleaned house. We’re free and clear. It’s actually very exciting, because now we hold all the cards; we’re in control. So we can write whatever we want. We can release a couple of songs at a time. If there’s a demand for us to tour and it financially makes sense, then I’m sure at some point we’ll find a way to do that.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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