GoFundMe Launched For The Armed’s Clark Plaunt As He Undergoes Surgery For Possible Case Of Carcinoid Lung Cancer

The Armed’s Clark Plaunt is currently battling what is believed to be a possible case of carcinoid lung cancer. He underwent an operation for his illness earlier today (October 27) and a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help him out with medical bills.

The following statement was posted on GoFundMe:

“Hi, My Name is Dominic Kuza.

A group of us who care about our friend Clark Plaunt want to reach out to people who are close to him to help support his treatment and medical bills for this sudden medical emergency.

Unfortunately, Clark fell ill with what was thought to be a cold and developed into pneumonia. He went to urgent care to get a chest X-ray and was told to go to the hospital. After reaching the hospital they discovered that there was a complete blockage of his left bronchial passage. He then waited two days to be transferred by ambulance to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. After testing at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, their current thought process is possible Carcinoid Lung Cancer and may have to remove part of his left lung due to complications from the blockage.

Update 10-27: Procedure went well to remove and get air flowing to his left lung, but unfortunately he will require more procedures next week, moving in a good direction but still more work to go. Thank you everyone for the continued support

Clark has been one of my close friends for a few years now and I know he’d do anything to help anyone in a situation like this. Its important to all of us close to Clark that we show him the support he deserves, especially in a time like this.”

[via The PRP]

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