Troy Sanders Says Mastodon Are Working On A Possible Collaboration With Men At Work’s Colin Hay

During a recent appearance on “The Eddie Trunk Podcast,” Mastodon’s Troy Sanders revealed that the band are working on a possible collaboration with Men At Work’s Colin Hay. There isn’t too many details yet, but Sanders did confirm that they are “working on something now.”

Sanders said the following when discussing how the potential collaboration came about:

“I reached out to him a few years ago because I wanted to cover one of his songs, and he was aware of our band which blew me away. [I] arranged a meeting when he came through Atlanta a few years ago, and we just sat down and swapped ideas. One of his quotes to me was beautiful when we were talking about potentially collaborating, and he said ‘if your band has the enthusiasm then I am interested in collaborating. I wanna play with people who are enthusiastic.'”

He also added:

“That was very true, but it just struck me as ‘wow. The fire in his belly has yet to be extinguished as well,’ which is kinda the way I feel about me and my bandmates. You can see it in his eyes when he plays and you can hear it in his soul.”

This news comes as Mastodon are preparing to release their new album “Hushed And Grim” on October 29.

[via Metal Injection]

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