Darkest Hour Share Previously Unreleased Live Albums And More On Bandcamp

Darkest Hour have officially launched their own Bandcamp page. The group have already released several unreleased live albums and more through the site. So far, the account includes the following releases: “Live In Lockdown,“ “Undoing Ruin Live At The Black Cat,“ “The Mark Of The Judas,“ “The Covers Collection,“ “With Friends Like These” (single), “Darkest Hour” (1995 demo), “The Choir Of The Prophecy Fulfilled,“ and “Washington Capitols Fight Song Collection.” Guitarist Mike Schleibaum commented:

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that Bandcamp.com has made a major impact on music commerce and connecting band to fan direct sales, something we have always tried to foster. Since the inception of our band we have been self-releasing music, so in that spirit we launch our Bandcamp page with some of our more specialized releases all in one place. We are continually excited by the opportunities surrounding our band and look forward to creating yet another way to connect our music with the world!”

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