Josh Homme’s Daughter Reportedly Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Him

According to Spin, Camille Homme, the teenage daughter of Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone) and Brody Dalle (The Distillers), has been granted a temporary restraining order against her father. This news comes after Dalle was denied a request to get restraining orders for her and Josh’s young sons, Orrin and Wolf, who accused their father of abuse. Spin shared a summary of Camille’s court order:

“Camille alleges that Homme would punch the steering wheel and cross double yellow lines while driving, that he would mock and belittle her brother Ryder, physically abuse her brothers and threatened to kill himself after Ryder allegedly told their mother, over FaceTime, that he had ‘so many things to tell you about dad.’ She is requesting that Homme is sent to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Camille also says that she and her brothers are ‘afraid of retaliation’ from their father and that ‘we’re afraid he might hit us or continue to abuse us emotionally.”

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