Adema Planning To Release A New Single “Every Six To Eight Weeks”

During a recent interview with, Adema’s Ryan Shuck confirmed that the band are planning to release a series of singles leading up to their new album “360 Degrees Of Separation.” The frontman says new tracks will “hopefully” arrive “every six to eight weeks.”

Shuck said the following about the band’s latest single “Ready To Die“:

“‘Ready To Die’ took the better part of the last two years to kind of develop. It’s not like we sat down and took two years to write the song, but when I joined the band, we kind of needed to figure out whether or not a) I would work in the band, and it turned out to work; on the first tour, it worked really, really well. And then b) would be what do we sound like and where do we go with me as the singer? So we spent a lot of time just talking, being friends, kind of discussing what makes ADEMA, ADEMA. What is it that is so cool? And me coming in as a fan and a friend, and then now part of the band, I can use that detachment to essentially reinforce to these guys what I think it is. So we kind of spent some time writing. We wrote a bunch of songs — we have probably seven or eight tracks that we [could] play right now, but we wanna be careful with what we let out and when. And we just kind of developed for a while and really focused on where we came from — nu metal, Bakersfield, KORN, all the people that we came up with, the movement that we were part of starting. And as we kind of started working through all that, ‘Ready To Die’ and a couple of other tracks started rising to the top as the most pure ADEMA sound, and I was able to be me on top of it, and it just worked. And from what we can see so far, the fans agree.”

He continued when asked if the other songs on “360 Degrees Of Separation” are as heavy as “Ready To Die”:

“It’s a great question because I think we have a lot of fans who probably doubted whether or not we would be good and what it would sound like. And now they’re all kind of going, ‘Oh, fuck. It works. This is awesome.’ I think about half the music is gonna be that heavy, and I think there’s another half of the music that’s gonna be really melodic. ADEMA’s biggest songs were ‘Giving In’, ‘The Way You Like It’, ‘Immortal’. All those are really melodic songs — they’re not screaming shit. We have both, but whether or not we’re gonna come right out with that stuff remains to be seen. We kind of had the feeling that we wanted to throw some red meat out first and just go, like, ‘Hey, look. We know who we are. We know who you are. We hear you. We get it. And we can prove ourselves to you.’ And then I think we’ll start rolling [out] some of the more melodic stuff. A couple of them are recorded and in the can. So we could release it right now. It’s very hard for us, ’cause we wanna put it out. But you’ve gotta put it out in the right order.”

He also added the following about release plans:

“We’re not shooting to release an album all at once. We’re gonna release singles, and then we’ll release an album with additional tracks on it. So it’ll essentially be us releasing, hopefully every six to eight weeks, a new song and building the brand back up and getting people excited for new stuff happening more, instead of just firing an entire album out with one single and the rest of ’em are just kind of throwaways. We really wanna make every track amazing, and then we’ll wrap it up with the rest of the tracks on all the DSPs and physical album — vinyl, all that kind of stuff, all the special products that go with that.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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