Vio-lence’s Sean Killian, Who Was Hospitalized With COVID-19, Defends Decision Not To Get Vaccinated: “It’s About Freedom”

Vio-lence’s Sean Killian, who was recently hospitalized with COVID-19, has taken to social media to share a new health update. The frontman says that he has been discharged and that he doesn’t regret his decision to not get vaccinated.

Killian said the following while discussing his feelings on the COVID-19 vaccines:

“I have been vaccinated more than anyone you probably know who hasn’t been through the same shit that I’ve been through. Because I’ve been through a lot of shit. Before my [liver transplant] surgery — Jesus Christ — I couldn’t count the vaccines I had to take. And there were deadlines, like if you didn’t take it now, you ain’t getting your surgery. So… I’m not against people getting [the vaccine].

You wanna get the vaccine? Get the vaccine. I support you a hundred percent. It’s your choice — it’s your choice. And it’s not even about the vaccine for me; it’s about freedom. I’m a free man. I’m internal. My freedom comes from within, not from anyone else. Nobody determines my freedom. So, don’t step on my freedom — that’s all. And don’t step on other people’s [freedom].

I heard comments about, ‘Oh, if you don’t take the vaccine, you deserve what you get.’ Well, guess what. Do obese people deserve to have heart disease? Should they be left out? Should smokers not be treated for lung cancer because they made these choices to do this? Obese people have heart disease, diabetes — all these things. Now, under the same analogy of, ‘If you don’t take the vaccine, you should suffer,’ well, then those people, you should apply it to them too. Because they should suffer. But I don’t believe that. I believe people should be free to do what they want. If you wanna go to fucking McDonalds and eat 20 cheeseburgers and fucking wake up in the morning and eat 20 breakfast fucking McNugget shit — whatever the fuck they serve over there, ’cause I don’t eat that crap — go for it. That’s your business. My business is not someone else’s business. Like I said, my freedom’s internal. I decide — no one else.

I’m not anti-vaxx. I just make my own decisions. And freedom is the number one decision for me — to make my own choices. And I hope all of you do the same.”

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