Smile Empty Soul’s Sean Danielsen Refuses To Play Shows With Vaccine Mandates

Smile Empty Soul’s Sean Danielsen is apparently refusing to play shows that require fans to be vaccinated for COVID-19. As a result, several of the band’s upcoming dates have been cancelled.

Danielsen issued the following statement:

“Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that we will be canceling a couple of shows here and there moving forward due to vaccine requirement rules.

I stand 100% for freedom, and medical freedom is especially important to me.
I believe that you should get the vaccine if you want it, but should not have to if you don’t want it.

I don’t think for a second that my tiny little band can make a difference in these weird times, but I don’t want to be the reason that even 1 person gets a medical procedure they don’t feel comfortable with……. especially when the accepted science says that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission of the virus, and it even appears vaccinated people are carrying a higher viral load than those that are not.
Why punish a particular demographic of the population when there’s not even a health benefit from doing so?……. it’s unamerican in more ways than I can count, and people that get off on punishing others just because they don’t believe the same things need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

I’m sorry to anyone disappointed by one of these cancelations….. it’s not what we want, and definitely not something we can afford doing, but some things matter more than money, and I am not the type to sell out what I believe in for a buck

I’m sure I will get a bunch of weird hate from cyber bullies everywhere for this post, but I feel like a lot of you are too wrapped up in fear to see that freedoms are being removed from our society right now, and once freedom goes, it’s gone for good.
I want more than anything for my daughter to grow up with the same freedoms that I’ve enjoyed, and the world is changing rapidly in a way that doesn’t look good for us, or the next generations.
I encourage all of you, vaccinated or not, to realize that the right of the individual to choose what happens to their own body, is something much bigger than this one situation……. and the things that happen now will set a precedent for the future moving forward.
Give tyrants the ability to take power during an emergency, and they will create emergencies to take power.

I encourage everyone out there to stand for freedom above all else, no matter where you are on the issue of this vaccine

I will not be engaging in any argumentative comments left on this post as I have said what I needed to say, and am not looking for conflict.
I keep my opinions to myself on here almost 100% of the time because of how confrontational people are these days, but I wanted to explain why some of these shows will be dropping off our schedule in the future.

So far there are only a couple shows in Oct that are effected, but I expect more of our fall shows to follow……. we shall see, and I will keep you updated


[via Blabbermouth]

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