Harald Oimoen (Ex-D.R.I.) Apologizes To Sean Killian (Vio-lence)

As previously reported, Harald Oimoen (ex-D.R.I.) recently made headlines after saying that he has “no sympathy” for an “anti vaccination kinda guy” like Sean Killian (Vio-lence), who was recently hospitalized with COVID-19. Killian obviously took issue with the comments and responded by telling Oimoen that he should “avoid [him] like a storm sent from Hell because that is what [he will] be facing” the next time they cross paths. However, Oimoen has since decided to issue a public apology.

Oimoen said the following:

“I’d like to publicly apologize to Sean Killian for my callous and uncalled for rant !!

I’ve known Sean for 35+ years and even performed at his benefit show !! I should keep my opinions to my self !! I love our scene here in the Bay Area and deeply care for all my friends !!

This has gotten way outta hand & never dreamed my comment would blow up like this !! I don’t know WTF I was thinking …. Life is way too short & fragile to even waste time on bullshit like this !! It was mean spirited & uncalled for !

There is enough schism in the world right now & I shouldn’t be making it worse !

So bummed we lost Eric Wagner who was a way cool guy ! Get well soon Sean and now we’re even for the time you trashed my house with Baloff & Fred Cotton !! Truly sorry brother !”

[via Blabbermouth]

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