Zyon Cavalera Claims Soulfly Paid Marc Rizzo “A Large Sum of Money In February 2021 To Record A New Record”

Ex-Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo recently made headlines after saying that he “really got no support from Soulfly” during the pandemic. However, the band’s drummer, Zyon Cavalera, has now claimed that Rizzo was given “a large sum of money in February 2021 to record a new record.”

Zyon said the following:

“This is for anyone who doesn’t understand how the music business works. During the pandemic, independent contractors [most musicians] were able to receive grants and such thru the govt. My band’s guitar player didn’t file that paperwork for some reason and now is trying to drag my family name thru the mud and play the victim. There’s alot of people buying into that.

Now that the dust is settled if anyone has any questions feel free to DM me LOL.

Dude got salty cuz he didn’t fill out the paperwork and blamed us for it. And we paid him a large sum of money in February 2021 to record a new record. So how did we not help him thru the pandemic?”

This news comes after Zyon’s father, Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera, claimed that Rizzo’s allegations were “all fabricated by his crazy mind.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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