Marty Friedman Says His Upcoming Documentary Will Probably Be Released In Summer 2022

During a recent interview with FOX17 Rock & Review, Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) offered an update on his upcoming documentary “Spacefox.” According to him, the film will probably be released in summer 2022.

Friedman said the following about the documentary:

“It’s being going on since 2016. They’ve been filming, on and off… Mostly around 2019, they got the bulk of it together. When I did my first real tour of America in 2016 after being in Japan for, like, 10 years, that’s what they covered at the beginning, and then they came to Japan and did the main segment. And all they had left to shoot was the very ending, and then the [pandemic] hit.

I’ve been playing the Tokyo Marathon opening ceremony for the last four years, and I was slated to play in 2020, and the film crew was gonna come to Japan and film that, and that was gonna be the big ending. And then possibly in the Olympics, I was not confirmed but there were some things that I could have done in the Olympics and the crew was all planned to come out for any of that stuff to make a final ending to the movie. And that kind of put the kibosh on that. So the next time we get a chance to film together, they’re gonna put the ending on it and we’ll be good to go. But the meat and potatoes of it is done, and I really like it.”

He also added the following about release plans:

“I would say summer of 2022, because I’m probably gonna do some international touring before then, and that would make a nice backdrop for the ending of it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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