Saving Abel Reunite With Original Singer Jared Weeks

Saving Abel have officially reunited with original vocalist Jared Weeks. With this news, the band have also announced that they will be releasing a new EP titled “Shade Of Grace – Twenty Year Songs” on July 9. That effort is named after the group’s original name, Shade Of Grace, and it will revisit some of their earliest material.

“Shade Of Grace – Twenty Year Songs” Track Listing:

01. “Southern Train”
02. “Wasted Time”
03. “I Sing A Song”
04. “By Your Damn Self”
05. “The Way I’ve Been Loving You”
06. “Whatever It Takes”

Guitarist Jason Null said the following about the EP:

“Our producer Skidd [Mills], Jared [Weeks] and myself all started going back to those songs independently of each other. We all felt drawn back to the beginning without even speaking to each other about it initially. So, that’s what we did.”

Weeks added:

“You never know how it’s gonna feel. Like, will this be weird? Will we still have that cool thing we had in the beginning? Well, let me just tell you, it’s there. I felt like I was back to that young, excited, not jaded guy. There’s just something about the three of us together that is magic. It was time. Time to come home.”

“The sky is the limited for us right now. We already made the mistakes and poor decisions. Now we get to do it our way, with a little more clear headedness and a lot more guitar solos.”

In other news, Saving Abel are also working on an “essentials” album. That effort will be released this fall and it will include three previously unreleased songs. The band will also be returning to the studio in spring 2022.

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