Buckcherry’s Josh Todd Became A Certified Phlebotomist During Lockdown

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” Buckcherry’s Josh Todd discussed how he spent his time during the coronavirus lockdown. Interestingly, the frontman revealed that he actually became a certified phlebotomist.

Todd said the following when asked how he spent his downtime:

“I got into action. I’m not one that really sits around for too long. I never get on the pity potty. I just go, ‘Okay, what am I gonna do with this time? I’ve got all this time. How can I utilize it wisely?’ And making the ‘Hellbound’ record [with BUCKCHERRY] was one of them. And as far as recovery, I’m always in it. So I did a lot of Zoom meetings in that time; a lot of recovery went to Zoom meetings. And I did a lot of Zoom meetings; I stayed in action. I did a lot of step work during that time to feel good in my head. And I picked up the game of tennis again; I played a lot of tennis, which was really good for my mental health. And a lot of things. I learned a new trade too. I became a certified phlebotomist during the lockdown, and I served L.A. County for four months out at a COVID clinic. So I did that as well, after the ‘Hellbound’ record was written. A lot of interesting things I did during the lockdown. But that was one of ’em. [It was] very interesting, and [I] learned a lot.”

He continued when asked how one goes about becoming a phlebotomist:

“I went to a two-week program where you stick and you get stuck a lot by students. And then you’ve gotta take a national exam, and I did that as well, and I passed that. And then you get out in the field and do your thing. And that’s what I did for, like I said, four months out in downtown L.A.; I worked at a COVID clinic. And it was interesting.

I’ve always been a worker — I’ve worked since I was 13 — so not working is not good for me. And I always became interested in it. I always go to Quest Diagnostics. I get my bloodwork annually there, because the best phlebotomists are there. I remember this one big, tall tattooed dude came out and drew my blood one time, and I literally didn’t even feel it; he was so good. And we started chatting, and I just became interested in it — a long time ago, way before the pandemic. And then I was just, like, ‘I’m gonna go learn this. I’m gonna learn it.’ And so I did it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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