The Black Crowes Working On New Music With “Shake Your Money Maker” Producer George Drakoulias

It was recently revealed that The Black Crowes were working on new music and now it has also been confirmed that “Shake Your Money Maker” producer George Drakoulias is involved in the sessions. For now, the band’s main focus is touring, but a new album is tentatively expected to surface in 2022.

Rich Robinson said the following during an appearance on the “Lipps Service With Scott Lipps” podcast:

“Yeah, Chris and I always write; in general, it’s what we do. And it keeps me sane in a day, to be able to write some songs. I have a studio here [at home], so to me, it was one of the things that kept everything going during this time that we had. To be able to send songs to Chris and have him send me stuff, and back and forth. And also working with George again for the first time has been great; it’s been really cool.”

Chris Robinson also commented in a separate interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“We were sitting around during the pandemic, and Rich just started sending me stuff and two or three things turned into five or six things. That’s just how we work. He has a little home studio, so he can send me rough sketches. I’m not that technologically advanced. I’m like with a pencil on an old piece of paper.”

“We just want to get as many songs as we can and we’re working with George Drakoulias again, our producer, which has been fantastic. [He’s] one of the real last of the great ears for the essence of these songs, what they can be, how they live. A great song lives outside of the time it’s made. He has great vision that way. He understands our strong points as writers and our talent as musicians. So, it’s super exciting. I know we’re going to make a record. We could make one tomorrow. Again, our focus this whole time has just been the tour.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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