Possessed’s Jeff Becerra “Dealing With An Infection” Following Recent Flap Surgery

As previously reported, Possessed’s Jeff Becerra recently revealed that he is currently recovering from flap surgery. Now, the frontman has offered an update on his condition saying that he is now “dealing with an infection.” He said the following on Instagram:

“Week eight, post surgery didn’t happen exactly the way we wanted. Dealing with an infection that popped up from where three incision points met. I’m hoping that with the help of strong antibiotics I can finally be ok for the first time in 11 years but it’s challenging to say the least. I’m staying here until I am healed or I run out of options. The US Joint Commission on Patient Safety estimates that more than 2.5 million patients in acute-care facilities suffer from pressure ulcers, and that 60 000 die from pressure ulcer complications each year. #jeffbecerra #possessed #wheelchair #musician #disabilityawareness”

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