Possessed’s Jeff Becerra Recovering From Flap Surgery

Possessed’s Jeff Becerra has revealed that he is currently recovering from flap surgery. The frontman said the following about that on Instagram:

“Week six after surgery. Had a skin flap reconstructive surgery which essentially is cutting out a large spot of flesh from my tailbone all the way down to the bone, grinding down the bone 🦴 and removing all the dead bone. After that, a horseshoe shaped incision is cut all the way around my buttocks and filleted, then a slash up the side towards my back to allow the entire piece to pivot over to cover the wound. The entire thing is then stitched 🧵 together from the inside, again stitched mid flesh, and stapled together all the way around. Special thanks to my plastic surgeon Dr Charles P Virden MD Reno Nevada (much# respect). This surgery may have just saved my life.”

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