Vicky Cornell Responds To Soundgarden’s Motion To Regain Control Of Their Social Media Accounts

As previously reported, Soundgarden recently filed a new motion in an effort to get Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell to hand over control of their social media accounts and official website. Now, Vicky’s lawyer Marty Singer, the band’s former manager Ron Laffitte, and Vicky herself have all commented on those demands.

Soundgarden previously said that their former management company Patriot Management were in control of the login information for their accounts until the company was terminated in October 2019. After that, all the information was handed over to Vicky, who is allegedly “holding [it] hostage.” The band also claimed that Vicky has acted as “Soundgarden” on social media and has let all of their accounts fall into “a state of neglect.” After hearing the news, Laffitte, Singer, and Vicky all issued statements via Chris’ Instagram account:


“During my six years working with Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, Chris and Vicky always controlled all of Soundgarden‘s social media accounts, both directly and through their own personal social media representative. At no time were any other members of Soundgarden involved, and this was true both before and after Chris died. Because of this, Soundgarden‘s attempt to seek an injunction in connection with the social media accounts is surprising to say the least.”


“Ms. Cornell‘s forthcoming motion will expose the truth about the Soundgarden‘s supposed social media accounts. Ms. Cornell created the social media accounts; grew the accounts by allowing them to trade on Chris‘ then-existing, popular accounts; devoted her personal time and money in growing these accounts as Soundgarden displayed absolutely no interest in social media (unless it was to promote their solo projects). Ms. Cornell has overseen these accounts for close to a decade. The fact that Soundgarden is unaware of the user-names and passwords for their alleged “own” accounts confirms their utter lack of involvement in creating, growing and maintaining their alleged accounts.

Soundgarden solely wants the social media accounts in order to maliciously defame Ms. Cornell, provoke her online stalkers (as Matt Cameron has done continuously) and to instigate third-parties to harass Ms. Cornell and her minor children.

Moreover, while they now claim a sense of urgency, Soundgarden‘s claim are a stale repacking of the claims that they filed in the Florida court in May of 2020.”


“Sadly the other three Soundgarden members now object to a celebration of Chris‘ voice even as they take legal action to demand the use of his vocals.

In their latest attacks they claim to be against the “no one sings like you anymore” hashtag — even though that was taken from Chris‘ lyrics from “Black Hole Sun” that was created and used by fans all over the world as a mark of respect and in tribute to him since the day after he died.

My children and I are so grateful to the fans for the love and respect you have all shown to him and thereby us since that tragic night.”

A separate post also included the #noonesingslikeyouanymore hashtag, along with another one that says‘#thatswhytheywantyourvocals.

This news comes after a judge recently recommended the court to dismiss two of the claims that Vicky filed against Soundgarden. Those included her claim that the band were withholding “hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of royalties and her claim that the group’s business manager Rit Venerus breached his duty to look after her best interests. The final decision will now be made by presiding judge Robert S. Lasnik.

As previously reported, Vicky initially filed a lawsuit against the band in December 2019 over royalties and the rights to seven unreleased tracks. That suit said that the group had been withholding money in an “unlawful attempt to strong-arm Chris’ Estate into turning over certain audio recordings” that Vicky claimed Chris wrote alone while living in Florida. She also said that she offered to share the tracks with the band if they respected Chris’ wishes by releasing them in a certain way and having his producer involved, but they allegedly refused. Vicky also accused guitarist Kim Thayil of putting her and her family in danger by suggesting that she is preventing the release of a new Soundgarden album.

Soundgarden then filed a countersuit against Vicky and Chris’ estate in May 2020 with accusations of “fraudulent inducement.” They claimed that Chris co-authored five of the recordings in question with other members of the band. They also said that their January 16, 2019 set at the Chris Cornell tribute show was done for free to benefit charity, but Vicky never provided them with a full list of donations. However, the latter accusation was dropped in July 2020.

[via The PRP]

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