Wayne Swinny Says Saliva’s Reunion With Josey Scott “Ain’t Gonna Happen”

It looks like Saliva are no longer planning to reunite with original singer Josey Scott. Guitarist Wayne Swinny recently addressed the idea during an interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF and said that “it ain’t gonna happen.”

Swinny said the following:

“We were part of the conversation. After Josey made his announcement, there was a few text messages going on. I did talk to Chris [D’Abaldo] one time. But the problem is, we kind of already have a SALIVA. The problem with doing the reunion show is what do I do? Pull the bus over and say, ‘All right, Bobby [Amaru], Brad [Stewart], hop out, man, to the hotel room for a couple of [months].’ It just didn’t make sense on the business end. There was preliminary discussions, but it never really got off the ground. We just basically had to make plans and keep this train rolling, so to speak. It didn’t make sense to me to stop what we were doing. ‘Cause this unit, we’ve been together, it’s been almost 10 years now, with Bobby in the band. Brad came along shortly after that. We’re tight. We get along. It’s a well-oiled machine. We’ve got a great crew, a great bus driver. It would throw a monkey wrench into the actual SALIVA.”

“Bobby pushed me and said, ‘You know what, dude? If you wanna do it, do it. At least talk to [Josey] about it and check it out.’ I did. But there was no business plan put together. It was one of those — it seemed like a spur-of-the-monent idea, but it didn’t happen. It ain’t gonna happen.”

He also added:

“If you wanna do something, do it. But you can’t just talk about it and have it magically happen. There’s work, there’s planning, there’s stuff that goes into it, and none of that stuff was done early enough to pull it off.

“Yeah, there was some fan response, saying, ‘Wow, yeah, that might be cool.’ But it didn’t get enough steam to take off. All the preliminary stuff kind of got set up, and it just didn’t jell.”

“It just didn’t make sense to stop what we [the current lineup of SALIVA] were doing and do that, because you’ve got momentum, we’ve got a groove going, the band’s tight live. I didn’t feel like we should give that up or give that a rest.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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