Big Business Release “Live At The Crocodile: 2.19.05” Concert Film

Big Business have released a new concert film titled “Live at The Crocodile: 2.19.05” via Vimeo. The effort was recorded during the band’s February 19, 2005 show at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA. Coady Willis commented:

“I believe at the time of the show ‘Head For The Shallow‘ had just been released and we had probably done a couple of West Coast tours and maybe one US tour at that point. I remember being very excited for this show as we were just beginning to roll with a new record. We were also opening for Mudhoney, who were teenage heroes of mine so it felt like victory all around. It was an exciting time for us because it felt like the band was finally becoming its own thing apart from our previous groups, and we had a record that we were really excited about. I hadn’t seen any of this footage until Whitey started sending me cuts, so it really was a blast from the past! I don’t think there’s a ton of footage from our early days so this might be the definitive documentation of that period of Big Biz. Glad we didn’t blow it (that night)!”

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