Metal Anarchy’s Music In The Age Of COVID-19 Series: Interview With Hot Breath

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “Music In The Age Of COVID-19” series, the feature where I discuss the ongoing pandemic with various musicians. This time I have an interview with Hot Breath.

METAL ANARCHY: How have you been holding up during the coronavirus pandemic?

HOT BREATH: We have continued to practice and write new material for new releases. For us, it has been very important during this time to be able to have intermediate goals to aim for. We are constantly talking about what we can do and how we can develop our ideas in the best way during the current pandemic.

METAL ANARCHY: Have you been using your downtime to work on new music?

HOT BREATH: Yes, we have actually continued to write new songs since we recorded our first full-length in September last year. So we hope to be able to release something new very soon indeed!

METAL ANARCHY: What was the last show you played or attended before the shutdown?

HOT BREATH: The last gig we had was actually at a friend’s 30th birthday party. It was incredibly fun as we played for all close friends and families.

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning to play any livestream concerts during this time?

HOT BREATH: We have many ideas right now, and of course a livestream is one of them. However, we feel that we would have liked to take it a few steps further and not just do a gig, but that you actually get a little more out of Hot Breath. We will simply see how this will go, in other words, there are many ideas in stock!

METAL ANARCHY: Do you think the live entertainment industry will ever recover?

HOT BREATH: Of course, as a musician you have to believe that everything will be the same as before. Probably not the same way, but close enough. We humans need culture in all its forms, so excluding that industry is not even on the map. Of course, it will certainly be a while in the future as we need to relate to the fact that fewer people are allowed to stay in premises when bands play, but as long as there is an audience (and it still does!) the bands and industry will survive everything.

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, is there anything fans can do to help your band or others that may be struggling during this time?

HOT BREATH: We think the fans are already doing a lot at a distance to support us and other bands. You see very nice comments when you release new music and many who want to buy shirts and records right now. So it’s just to continue to support simply, maybe even donate a penny to see a live show online.

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