Tim Williams (Vision Of Disorder, Bloodsimple) Announces New Project Rollin’ Coffin

Tim Williams (Vision Of Disorder, Bloodsimple) has launched a new project called Rollin’ Coffin. The band’s first single “Runaway” will be released on April 2.

The following was said about “Runaway” in a press release:

“‘Runaway‘ comes at you with a driving sound that is very different from the aggressive metal stylings that you would expect from Williams. The band pays homage to its early influences by using a blend of classic and indie garage rock, that evokes a 90’s grunge feel with a modern alternative rock sound. Don’t get it twisted, though. Rollin’ Coffin are doing their own thing and have found a contemporary sound that’s all it’s own.”

Williams also added:

“These songs are a stripped down version of myself, creatively, coming from an honest place. Sonically, I wanted to achieve a unique sound. A loose, almost dangerous, approach to a different chapter in my musical journey.”

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