Jeremy Spencer (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) To Relaunch Psychosexual After Removing All Of The Band’s Previously Released Music

Psychosexual, the band fronted by Jeremy Spencer (ex-Five Finger Death Punch), have removed all of their previously released music and videos. The decision comes as Spencer is preparing to relaunch the group later this month with the release of a new song titled “Devil From Hell.”

Spencer said the following about relaunching the project during an appearance on the “Drag The Waters: The Pantera Podcast”:

“When you make records, they’re like snapshots in time. We made the first thing pretty fast, and I just threw it out independently. And we had started the next record right away, and ‘Devil From Hell‘ happened. And I’m, like, ‘Fuck, man. I really like this. I wish this would have been the first thing that we dropped.’

So it’s, like, you know what? Nobody even really knows much about the other music, which I do like, but I think this is more appropriate of where we kind of wanna debut; this is what I wanted to be the first thing. So it’s kind of like a reboot — we’re starting over. I’ll release the other music down the road again, but this second record will technically be our first. [Laughs]”

He also added the following about “Devil From Hell”:

“It’s a little different than the previous material that we’ve been working on. It’s a little heavier. We do all kinds of stuff — it’s not just metal or whatever; it’s kind of eclectic. But this one’s definitely a stomper. I’m pretty happy with it. The video turned out really cool too.”

Spencer also commented on the negative reception that the band’s previous material received:

“That’s okay. Not everyone’s gonna dig what you do. I mean, it’s how it is in Death Punch too; we would release stuff, and you get hated on. You can’t please everyone. We always made records for ourselves, and then you hope people like it. You can’t control it. And we were fortunate enough to have a large fanbase that did appreciate what we did.

And I think we’ll find the audience for this as well. It’s not for everyone, but I’m doing what I love to do, and I’m a big fan of theatrics. I do like goth music, I do love metal. I’m gonna put it all in a blender, [and] it’s gonna be a lot of fun. And I hope that people wanna join us on the journey. And when we finally get to play freakin’ shows, hopefully people can come out and have a good time and see what we’re all about.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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