John Bush Is Still Open To Doing Some Shows Focusing On His Era Of Anthrax

During a recent interview with Pierre Gutierrez, Armored Saint’s John Bush said that he is still open to playing some concerts in which he focuses on songs from his time with Anthrax. However, he went on to say that if it does happen it will be “selected shows” rather than a huge tour.

Bush said the following:

“Well, it was an idea that never really came to fruition, for various reasons. Probably it had something to do with me and my own slight laziness, because I think I would have to be the guy that would have to, obviously, carry it, because it would be my thing, and maybe I was just not really ready to give it the time at that time.

It’s something that I would like to do at one point, because I do love those records… And I have good relationships right now with the ANTHRAX camp — with the bandmembers and also Mike Monterulo, the manager. So, who knows? We’ll see. It’s certainly in my mind to do something, and I would like to play some of those songs live at some point, because there are some great tunes. I was able to do it with METAL ALLEGIANCE at a couple of shows — we played ‘Only’ and ‘Room For One More’ — and that was really fun, and the crowd really seemed to dig it. But it’s there in my mind to do something. I just don’t know what yet. I’m kind of busy with this other thing, ARMORED SAINT, and other aspects of life. So it’s just trying to fit it in somehow, someway.”

He also added that he would like to have ex-Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook take part in the shows:

“I talked to Paul about it. Paul and I text on occasion. I really love Paul as a person — he’s just a great human being. He’s just a good guy; he’s one of the nicest guys there is. And a great player, great musician, of course, needless to say. And he was there. That’s one of the reasons I always talk about Paul, is that he was there during ‘Stomp [442]’ and some of ‘Volume 8’, because he toured with us… I think he would be open to it, certainly as long as time permits. He’s kind of busy doing the Meat [Loaf] thing, but I think he would love to do that. I think a lot of those songs are special to him because he performed them live. And like I said, it would just be fun. I’m sure it would be just a million laughs, because we would always goof around. I spent a lot of time on the road with Paul, and a lot of that was consumed by just cracking up about whatever, so we had a lot of fun.

So, we’ll see. These are ideas, and we’ll see if any of these things can actually happen. I certainly don’t wanna go out and do, like, 50 dates or anything like that. It would be more special if it was just selected shows. I think that would make it more fun and special.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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