Queensrÿche’s Todd La Torre On Scott Rockenfield: “He Asked For Paternity Leave And Just Hasn’t Come Back”

During an appearance on “The Eddie Trunk Podcast,” Queensrÿche’s Todd La Torre once again addressed the absence of drummer Scott Rockenfield. The singer said that Rockenfield went on paternity leave four years ago and never ended up coming back.

La Torre said the following when asked if anyone in the band have had communication with Rockenfield:

“Not to my knowledge. All I can tell you is he took paternity leave, saying he would be gone for about six months, and that was four years ago. [Laughs] Casey shows up every day. He shows up to songwrite, he shows up to record, if needed, and he shows up for the live gigs. So that’s all that I can tell you.

I haven’t communicated with [Scott] in years. So I have no idea what he’s up to. I couldn’t even tell you.”

He continued after it was mentioned that the drummer previously expressed interest in sharing his story:

“I don’t know what story there is to tell. People ask, but, honestly, it is literally like déjà vu. Go play the answer I gave you four years ago, because, literally, nothing has changed.

As far as I understand, there really isn’t communication [between Scott and the QUEENSRŸCHE camp]. And I couldn’t tell you anything more than that. Some people think, ‘They’re not telling us more.’ I don’t have anything to say, ’cause I don’t talk to him; he doesn’t talk to me. Casey’s been playing with us for four years — going on four years — and he shows up. The guy is doing an awesome job.

I guess I’d revert back to you. If you left your radio show saying that you needed six months paternity leave but you never communicated when you were coming back for four years, would the radio station stop running because you quit showing up to work? And keep in mind, you weren’t fired, and you didn’t give official written notice that you’re never gonna come back; you just don’t come back or communicate. Does your key still work? Is your name on the door? Or are they gonna find adequate talent replacement to keep things going?

So I don’t have anything bad to say,” La Torre clarified. “I don’t really have anything to say, other than he asked for paternity leave and just hasn’t come back.”

This news comes after Rockenfield issued a statement last month claiming that he “most definitely ‘did not’ and ‘have not’ quit, walked away, retired or abandoned Queensrÿche.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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