Attila Sued By Security Guards Over Violent Altercation During 2018 Show In Las Vegas

Back in 2018, Attila ended up getting involved in a violent altercation with security during a show at the Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, NV. Frontman Chris Fronzak previously claimed that the incident ignited after the guards started hurting the band’s fans. However, the venue said that they “believe security acted in an appropriate way.” Now, several years later, two of the security guards have filed a lawsuit against the group.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal shared a summary of the suit:

“The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Clark County District Court, alleges that Fronzak and fellow band members Christopher Linck and Kalan Blehm were ‘lunging after, punching, attacking, kicking, throwing objects at, and/or striking’ guards Patrick Anderson and Russell Miner.

According to the lawsuit, the guards suffered injuries to their heads, necks, backs, shoulders, ‘all or some of which conditions may be permanent and disabling in nature.’

The suit alleges that Hard Rock officials failed to provide ‘safe premises’ for the guards.”

Fronzak has since responded as well:

“Y’all are clearly bored

The lawsuit will show the truth

Security guards were abusing our fans

I don’t stand for that”

[via The PRP]

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