Police Say Attila’s Chris Fronzak Could Face Battery Charge Following Altercation With Security At Las Vegas Show

As previously reported, Attila cancelled their August 22 show at the Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, NV following a violent altercation with security. Now, NBC affiliate News 3 have shared a new report that claims frontman Chris Fronzak, who can be seen punching a security guard in the head in some fan-filmed footage, could be facing a battery charge.

Nevada’s Vice President of Contemporary Services Corporation, Jay Purvis commented on the situation saying Fronzak sucker punched two guards, while another one was hit in the back with a guitar. He went on to say the guards were “all professional in performing their duties for our client, Hard Rock.” The company has since filed a report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Fronzak previously claimed the whole thing started after the security was hurting the band’s fans:

An anonymous fan in attendance also issued a statement to News 3:

“The show was called Rage Fest, so it’s going to be rowdy no matter what.”

“You see the band going after the security after they had been kind of rough with the fans throughout the night.”

“I would see them grabbing the fans. Almost like putting them in chokeholds while walking them away.”

News 3 asked Fronzak for an interview as well, but he refused saying “snitches get stitches”:

The Hard Rock also issued statement:

“The safety and security of our fans, staff and performers is our top priority. We are disappointed in the escalation of events at the Attila show last night. While we believe security acted in an appropriate way to protect the best interests of guests, we are reviewing the incident to ensure proper protocol was followed.”


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