Extreme Metal Artist Justin Bartlett Diagnosed With Cancer, GoFundMe Campaign Launched

Extreme metal artist Justin Bartlett, who has created album covers for Cadaver, Dragged Into Sunlight, Trap Them, etc., has sadly been diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. You can help him out with medical bills by donating via GoFundMe.

Bartlett’s sister Ashley launched the GoFundMe campaign and she had the following to say:

“As I dropped him off at his Oncology appointment, I looked at my brother and I said, ‘Justin, this sucks so much.’ With pain and exhaustion in his eyes, he replied, ‘And… this is just the beginning.’ Shortly after that conversation, it was confirmed that my brother, Justin Bartlett, has Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer. We had our suspicions based on his symptoms, and the cryptic scan results that had been sent home with him from his latest emergency room stay. Since then, he’s already had three surgeries and is due to start chemotherapy soon.

Justin is one of my best friends. He’s funny, intelligent, generous and extremely talented. He has his own business working as a graphic designer & gallery artist — most famously in the heavy metal music genre. If you’re a metal fan, you’ve seen some of his album cover work and merchandise designs. He’s got a LONG road ahead of him, and needs help with medical and living expenses because he’s too exhausted and in pain to work.”

Bartlett himself also commented on social media:

“I haven’t had to share with the world that I have cancer before, so please excuse the mess. It doesn’t feel “real” sometimes that I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer a few weeks ago, but considering just 4 or 5 days before they thought it was pancreatic, I’ll take the lesser of the two evils.

It’s been a weird ride and is only going to get more weird I suppose. More surgeries, stents, chemo… strange that when this started out, I thought I pulled a back muscle.

Anyway, there’s been a good response and I wanted to thank you all so far for the help! Donations especially are welcome, it means a lot and it will definitely help me out. And if you can’t donate, sharing this on your social media would help me out.

Also due to my condition and time I have available, I’ve decided to shut down my art print store for the time being. If you ordered something in the last few days, expect a refund asap. However, there are plenty of ways you can buy shirts or other merch. I’ll have more info on those items as they come in.

If you’d like to read more about what is going on with me and how you can help, please read the information that my sister and mom put together over on GoFundMe. The link is on my profile. ( My sister especially put a lot of time into setting up the page and helping me out – thanks Ashley!!! / @fauxbias.forge )”

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