Marilyn Manson Dropped By Longtime Manager Following Abuse Allegations

According to Rolling Stone, Marilyn Manson’s manager Tony Ciulla has officially decided to cut ties with singer due to the disturbing abuse allegations that were leveled against him by Evan Rachel Wood and several other women. Ciulla, who worked with Manson for 25 years, has yet to comment.

Since the allegations came out, Manson has been dropped by Loma Vista Recordings, his talent agency CAA, and a couple of TV shows. On top of that, California State Senator Susan Rubio has also called for an investigation into the musician.

Two of his exes, Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese, have both commented as well. Von Teese’s statement was the most recent and she said that the “details made public do not match [her] personal experience” with the singer, while also adding that “abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship.”

A number of musicians have also issued statements including Phoebe Bridgers, who said Manson previously “referred to a room in his house as the ‘r*pe room’,” Otep, who said Manson’s wife would call her house “hysterical because he was on another drug binge, threatening her life,” Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), who said that he has “been vocal over the years about [his] dislike of Manson as a person,” and Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), who said that “every single thing that people have said about him is fucking true.”

For his part, Manson claimed that the accusations “are horrible distortions of reality.”