Mötley Crüe To Kick Off Year-Long 40th Anniversary Celebration This Weekend

Mötley Crüe officially formed 40 years ago on January 17, 1981 and the band are intending to commemorate that day with a year-long celebration. Fans are invited to head over to the band’s Facebook page to sign their birthday card before Sunday (January 17). More announcements are also expected that day as well. Furthermore, the group are encouraging everyone to participate in the celebration by watching their Netflix biopic “The Dirt,” listening to the movie’s soundtrack, and blasting their debut album “Too Fast For Love,” which will turn 40 on November 10. Nikki Sixx commented:

“In ‘Kickstart My Heart’, the lyrics say, ‘When we started this band / All we needed, needed was a laugh / Years gone by, I’d say we’ve kicked some ass.’ It’s always been about great songs and over-the-top live shows for us. The fans were always right by our side. I don’t know where all of the years went. It went by in a flash. What I can’t forget are the four decades of fans who have counted themselves as Crüeheads from day one, supporting us through thick and thin. To them we are in debt and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy 40th birthday to us all.”

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