Silverstein Announce February Virtual Concerts

Silverstein have announced a three-show streaming series, which they are calling “Out Of This World.” The performances will include a greatest hits set, a “Discovering The Waterfront” set, and an acoustic/unplugged set.

Here’s the dates:

February 6 – Greatest Hits Set
February 13 – “Discovering The Waterfront” full album performance
February 20 – Acoustic/Unplugged Set

Shane Told commented:

“After our ‘Next Level Livestream‘ we thought about how we could step up our game even more! ‘Out Of This World‘ will offer three different sets featuring our greatest hits, acoustic jams and ‘Discovering The Waterfront‘ in its entirety. But of course, it will be more than just music, more than just bangers… We have enlisted some of the best people in the country to help us pull this off, so expect the finest in production quality, video and sound. Fans will get to hear a variety of tunes spanning our entire career and a few songs we haven’t played live in a long time… or ever. Make sure you swing by our merch ‘table’ and pick something up too!”

Tickets can be found HERE. Some options will include an “Out Of This World” soundtrack from producer Mike Tompa.

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