Swedish Court Dismisses Ghost’s Lawsuit Against Ghost Vodka

As previously reported, Ghost filed a lawsuit against Ghost Vodka earlier this year due to their use of the name “Ghost.” Now, according to Blabbermouth, the Swedish Patent And Market Court has dismissed the lawsuit, saying that the word “ghost” is generic and that the company is free to use it. The court also said that there are major visual differences between frontman Tobias Forge’s company Svensk Drama Pop’s logo design and Ghost Vodka’s design, making it easy for consumers to tell them apart. They added that Ghost Vodka did not infringe on SDP’s trademarks and that claims for fines and damages cannot be upheld. This news comes after Ghost’s attorney Ann-Charlotte Söderlund Björk previously claimed that the case was “about trademark rights that grant ownership for any and all alcoholic beverages.” However, the court noted that SDP didn’t use its trademark within the five-year period required by law.

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