Frank Iero And The Future Violents Premiere New Song “Sewerwolf”

Frank Iero And The Future Violents have premiered a new song titled “Sewerwolf.” This track is from their new EP “Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place,” which will be released on January 15.

Iero told Consequence Of Sound the following:

“Originally the song was untitled, it was fun to play and I liked it but I couldn’t find a good name for it. So I asked Miles what he would name it. At that time he had come up with a superhero character he named ‘Super Wolf” so he said you should name it that. A few days later he came into my basement studio and I had songs scribbled out all over this giant whiteboard and he asked, “Hey dad, what’s a Sewerwolf?” The name was so filthy and enigmatic that I knew it was fate naming the song.

Vocally, my direction for this song was “What would Glen and Phil do?” I was definitely doing my best to channel them especially in those choruses.

The bridge to “Sewerwolf” always felt very Shudder To Think to me. Rhythmically hypnotic and spidery. I remember Geoff Rickly was the first person to play me Shudder To Think, he had a copy of Pony Express Record in his car and we listened to it all the way up to upstate NY while recording the first Mychem record. Something about “Hit Liquor” really stuck with me, whenever I hear it I think about that drive.”

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