Tony Palermo On Upcoming Papa Roach Album: “This One’s Fire”

During a recent interview with Iowa’s Rock 108, Papa Roach’s Tony Palermo discussed the band’s upcoming album. The drummer said that he has already “finished 15 or so new drum tracks” and that the new material is “fire.”

Palermo said the following:

“A couple of weeks ago, I just finished 15 or so new drum tracks for all the new songs. We’ve been kind of posting stuff about it, so it’s not a secret. Obviously, being quarantined, we’re trying to get creative, and what can we do with this time? And it’s, like, well, no better time than to write a record.”

He continued when asked about the musical direction:

“I say this with every record, ’cause it’s always exciting to write and record music, but this one’s fire, man. It just has some deep cuts on it. And oh, man, it feels so good to play drums too. I had a great session. Jacoby’s rapping some more. It seems like his raps on this — he’s… I don’t wanna say angrier, but he’s got more intensity behind his raps. He has a lot to be concerned about now, and expressing your mind through music is one thing that he loves to do. Lyricists are always looking for that inspiration, and there’s been an overabundance of that this year.”

He also added the following when asked about possible release plans:

“I’m not sure, actually. Jacoby is down right now in L.A., just finishing up some vocals, and then we’ll go through the mixing and mastering process and all that. But normally, these things don’t come out [until] six months after the recording process. Obviously, a single will be out before. And I wanna be optimistic and say I’m hearing a few things about maybe, possibly summer touring of next year. If this vaccine kind of holds and if people are willing to take it… We’ll see what happens. We have to have something out before we tour.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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