Moon Tooth Digitally Release Their “Violent Grief Sessions”

Moon Tooth have released their recent livestream set, “Violent Grief Sessions,” in digital outlets. The release features eight tracks including a cover of Fiona Apple‘s “Fast As You Can.“ Guitarist Nick Lee specifically commented on that track:

“I’ve wanted to cover ‘Fast As You Can‘ from the moment I first heard it but the thing that really convinced me it had to happen was a live video that came as a bonus for the ‘Idler Wheel‘ album. The chords for that verse riff always struck me as being very heavy and her vocal delivery is always so raw and in your face. I originally wanted to do it as a loud, full-band Moon Tooth cover (which maybe can still happen, who knows?) but when we were talking about covers for the live acoustic session it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. The most fun part of preparing this acoustic set for me was improvising solos over that instrumental verse at the end.”

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