Psychosexual (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Premiere “I Wanna Be The Blood In Your Cut” Video

Psychosexual, the band fronted by former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, have premiered a new video for their song “I Wanna Be The Blood In Your Cut.” This track is from the group’s latest album “Torch The Faith.” Spencer commented:

“‘I Wanna Be The Blood In Your Cut’ was something that came to me one night when I was having a goth moment, missing the sounds of Type O Negative, and even the nu-wave flavorings of Gary Numan. I felt like doing a dark, demented kind of love song, and I think that translates very well. As I was writing the lyrics, I was visualizing them coming to life via anime, which gave me the idea for not only the video, but to also sing a chorus in Japanese. I’ve always loved touring Japan, and the language has always fascinated me, so it all came together rather organically.”

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