Kill The Lights (Ex-Bullet For My Valentine, Etc.) Stream Cover Of Metallica’s “Battery”

Kill The Lights are streaming a cover of Metallica‘s “Battery.“ Drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas (ex-Bullet For My Valentine) told the following about that:

“We were talking about doing another ‘Quarantine Cover’ after we had so much fun covering ‘Into The Pit‘ by Testament, and it was obvious that we had to try and top that. In my mind, I’ve always wanted to cover anything off the amazingly good ‘Master Of Puppets‘, and it came down to a choice between ‘Disposable Heroes‘ or ‘Battery.’ We chose the latter just because we all agreed that it would be a good challenge to hopefully do justice to. And of course, we’re massive Metallica fans (who isn’t?) and we had a fun time tracking it.”

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