Anthrax Announce “Evil Twin I” And “Evil Twin II” Double Cask Ryes

Anthrax have teamed up with Hillrock Estate Distillery to create two new double cask ryes, “Evil Twin I” and “Evil Twin II.” You can pre-order “Evil Twin I” HERE. Pre-orders for “Evil Twin II” will launch later.

The band commented:

“Anthrax’s ‘Evil Twin I’ and ‘Evil Twin II,’ the band’s brand new, limited edition, award-winning, high-end Double Cask Ryes. Only one barrel of each spirit will be produced, yielding 238 numbered bottles for ‘Evil Twin I’ at cask strength of 120.1 proof.

As ‘Evil Twin II’ has not yet been ‘dumped,’ the number of bottles and cask strength for it will be announced shortly. For a Happy Halloween, ‘Evil Twin I’ is available to order starting today and, if ordered before 10/23, delivery can be expected by 10/31. Details for ordering ‘Evil Twin II’ will be announced shortly, and can be expected to arrive on your doorstep in time to help make your year-end holidays a little brighter.

Both ‘Evil Twin I’ and ‘Evil Twin II’ were produced by Hillrock Estate Distillery, located in the luxuriant Hudson Valley Highlands in New York State. Both of these whiskeys are delicious,” said Anthrax’s Scott Ian, who recently went up to Hillrock to check out the process, from the planting to distilling to the bottling. He sampled eight different rye whiskey barrels and personally ’emptied the ‘Evil Twin I’ barrel”

Ian also added:

“All eight were different from each other as every barrel expresses itself differently and I chose my two favorites. The barrel that became ‘Evil Twin I’ showed off espresso, caramel, vanilla and spice — the barrel that became ‘Evil Twin II’ had maple, cinnamon, clove and black pepper notes that all played together really well — both barrels were delicious so we decided to do both! I’d put these ryes up against any rye on the market. The care and attention that went in to both of them, every step of the way, from field to glass, from the harvesting of the estate-grown rye to the distillation, to the beautiful bottles and the labels, each was made with the highest levels of perfection.”

“We decided to release another whiskey because it seemed like people were very happy with ‘The Healer’. Where ‘The Healer’ bourbon was extremely approachable and smooth, the ‘Evil Twins’ are spicier, sweeter, richer, stronger, and bolder. So, when we say ‘Evil Twin,’ we mean it in a great way.”

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