Paperback Edition Of Opeth’s “Book Of Opeth” Will Include Extra Text And Photographs

Opeth have launched pre-orders for a new paperback edition of their “Book Of Opeth.” Notably, each copy will also come with a 7″ vinyl record featuring acoustic versions of “Atonement” and “Demon Of The Fall” while supplies last. Here’s a description of the paperback version:

“The softcover update of the official illustrated history of Opeth, includes the full story from the original hardback book, plus new photos and interviews with the band, bringing it up to date. The book presents Opeth’s unique tale, from their earliest days until the present, and all in glorious dark color. Told in the first-person by Mikael, the band, their friends, former members and collaborators, it is illustrated throughout with hundreds of early, personal, candid, live and studio photographs and and artworks. Here is the true and complete story of Opeth”

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