Former Ill Niño Members Working On New Project

It looks like former Ill Niño members Cristian Machado, Ahrue “Luster” Ilustre, and Diego Verduzco are working on a new project together. Machado confirmed the news during a recent appearance on the “Aftershocks” podcast.

Machado said the following:

“We absolutely are [working on new music]. I haven’t talked about it at all [publicly], and it’s something that we’re not really in a rush to prove anything to anybody, but we do have almost a half an album finished. It is phenomenal. The songs are phenomenal.”

“We are trying to write a metal album, clearly, but that is full of hit singles. It’s a challenging thing to do, but we’ll take our time, if that’s what it takes. But we’re working on things. And Ahrue and Diego, the material they presented me is fucking next level. It’s not this extreme metal thing, but the songs are phenomenal — really, really catchy. Really strong material. Some of the best music that I’ve been thrown at to sing on in… I can’t remember since when. And we’re working with a fucking amazing producer.”

He also added:

“[We don’t have] a record company [in place yet], but there are music industry friends who are interested in growing this with us. We don’t have a contract with anyone yet or anything like that. We’re not in a rush. We definitely wanna be able to come out with guns blazing. If we’re gonna do the metal thing, we want the songs to be right.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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