Metal Anarchy’s Music In The Age Of COVID-19 Series: Interview With Magnolia Bayou

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “Music In The Age Of COVID-19” series, the feature where I discuss the ongoing pandemic with various musicians. This time I have an interview with Magnolia Bayou’s Cedric Feazell.

METAL ANARCHY: How have you been holding up during the coronavirus pandemic?

FEAZELL: Along with the band have been holding up well. We’re all doing our due diligence to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

METAL ANARCHY: Have you been using your downtime to work on new music?

FEAZELL: That’s really all we’ve been doing. We love writing new music! We have tons of stuff on the shelf that we can’t wait to release over time!

METAL ANARCHY: What was the last show you played or attended before the shutdown?

FEAZELL: The last show we played was the annual HWY 30 Festival held in Filer, Idaho this past June. It was the band’s third appearance and my second. Always a great time with our Idaho family!

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning to play any livestream concerts during this time?

FEAZELL: As of this writing, we are doing a livestream performance of our new album in its entirety on 10/8/20.

METAL ANARCHY: Do you think the live entertainment industry will ever recover?

FEAZELL: We only hope that it will pick up and thrive again after the dust settles on this pandemic. Only time will tell, but I believe it will come back full force. We all need that escapism of the live show experience and we’re ready to give it to the masses!!

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, is there anything fans can do to help your band or others that may be struggling during this time?

FEAZELL: The best thing fans can do is buy merch, tip on livestreams, buy the music as well as stream it, and just keep on supporting your favorite bands in general. We know the economy is still in a bit of disarray but just these little things help us stay afloat. We hope to be filling those venues again and making great memories after this is all said and done.

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