Moonspell’s Fernando Ribeiro: “The New Album Will Be About Solitude”

During a recent interview with A&P Reacts, Moonspell’s Fernando Ribeiro discussed the band’s upcoming album. According to him, the effort “will be about solitude.”


Ribeiro said the following:

“When we could get together again in our studio [during the coronavirus pandemic], our main priority was to write new music. We had written a lot of stuff back in 2019, which was cool stuff, but I thought it could be much better. So I talked with Pedro [Paixão, keyboards] and Ricardo [Amorim, guitar], and I said, ‘Well, let’s change a little bit. Let’s take what’s really, really excellent and get rid of all the other parts,’ and then we started a bit anew. So we still have a lot to do about this album, to define the concept. I think it won’t be an album like [2017’s] ‘1755’, which was a concept album sung in Portuguese; this one will be sung in English. Also, it follows up much more, lyrically, stuff like [2008] ‘Night Eternal’, [2012’s] ‘Alpha Noir’, [2015’s] ‘Extinct’. So the new album will be about solitude, which is a coincidence, because I thought about writing about this way before the COVID left us hanging in our own places — not alone, but not in society. So the album will be a little actual about it.”

He also added the following about working with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano:

“[Jaime] did the last PARADISE LOST, ‘Obsidian’, he did the first GHOST, ‘Opus [Eponymous]’, he did CATHEDRAL — he did a lot of bands, he has a great curriculum, and he’s definitely a very nice guy. So we start working with him in September, and probably around Halloween time, we’ll already have the master for the new album, which I think will be out in February of 2021.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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