Carla Harvey Says Butcher Babies “Have Some Really, Really Cool Stuff Coming Up”

During a recent appearance on the “Appetite For Distortion” podcast, Carla Harvey discussed Butcher Babies’ current plans. She said the following:

“We canceled our whole touring here, like everyone else did. Out of necessity, we had to do it. I’m not happy about it. But we do have some really, really cool stuff coming up. We’re doing an online festival in Europe that’s gonna be awesome. We have some big surprises for you guys for that. It’s gonna be an hour-long show from us. We have a show that had been previously unreleased that we’re releasing, and three quarantine-style videos that we’ve done that are fan favorites, so we’re really excited about that. And we have really, really big news coming in the next couple of weeks.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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