Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With Planet For Sale

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to bands that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Planet For Sale.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

PLANET FOR SALE: We are Planet For Sale, four misfits from the working class regime, with a dream. We take fusion and inspiration from rock, and we write chapters like songs—we lay out everything like a musical universe. Our world of storytelling is a reflection on what’s happening in the real world. A world that’s falling apart. A world where everything, including morality, is up for grabs. A planet for sale.

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

PLANET FOR SALE: People influence us. You don’t get a harsher reality check by just listening to someone’s story and then let the words write themselves on a piece of paper. It’s almost biological because when people hear the music, they’re immediately able to relate to it and sing along with the songs.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

PLANET FOR SALE: Our latest release is a single called ’Old Father Time’. It’s an ambient acoustic song about how time takes so much away and how essential it is for us to live our lives knowing that so much human life is wasted in waiting. This song has three verses inspired by different people. There is also a buildup, which is is a heartfelt confession of how we genuinely feel despite our defeats. We think people can relate to those as everybody wants to be loved and no one wants to stop living.

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

PLANET FOR SALE: We are neither too loud or too soft, and we’ve got great lyrics that you can sing along to an anthemic spirit that gets people united and brings them in. We’re not arrogant; we just believe that we are one of the best unknown bands out there, and we are proud of our backgrounds. We wish to keep going.

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

PLANET FOR SALE: Well, this might sound a bit crazy and overambitious, but in five years, we want to unite thousands of people at some of the best and biggest stages in the live music scene. Our message is simple, ”be good and bring everyone together”.

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