Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Opens Zivel State-Of-The-Art Performance And Recovery Suite

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch has opened a new recovery suite called Zivel. The facility, which will focus “on physical, mental, and emotional well-being,” was inspired by the fatigue that touring musicians face in their careers. The first two locations can be found in Bakersfield, CA and Nashville, TN.

The following was said about Zivel on its official website:

“Zivel® was started during the life-long journey of Dr. Matt O’Neill and Brian “Head” Welch to unlock the combined keys of helping people and improving their overall health. The pivotal moment came in the summer of 2017, when Matt floated the first time in Toronto, while on tour with Korn as their physical therapist. This moment altered his trajectory and firmly placed him on the path of searching for tools to impact people’s health. This search aligned with Brian’s desire to see everyone walk in health and freedom from pain and suffering.

The first outlet, or predecessor, of Zivel® opened in April 2018. From this first location in Kearney, NE, Matt could see that there were other tools that could provide the same, yet different, help that floating provided, and so he began to search for additional tools.

The parent company, Pryme, LLC was founded by Dr. Matt O’Neill and Brian “Head” Welch on July 25, 2018 and Zivel® was registered later that year.”

The following was also added:

“Zivel® is a Performance and Recovery company that focuses on giving clients a first-class experience while generating obtainable residual income for our partners through the promotion of performance and recovery. Our partners will be trained to utilize multiple different services to create an unmatched experience and ability to regain a healthy mindset and body. Our services are designed and proven to decrease stress, anxiety, as well as body soreness and inflammation. The clientele is wide ranging from college students studying for finals, to parents looking to reduce anxiety/pressure, to top executives trying to maximize their mental abilities while minimizing their stress, to professional athletes looking to achieve the most optimal recovery results, to the elderly whom are trying to reduce the inflammation in their body in order to improve their quality of life. Our locations are able to accomplish this within a top-rated atmosphere, while being affordable for the majority of the population, thereby increasing clientele and creating true residual income. We want to provide a place where everyone can truly feel like a rock star.”

Welch commented:

“In 2005, I found healing after years of struggling with addiction, depression, and suicidal ideation. I consider myself extremely blessed to have been made whole — body, mind and spirit — and I’ve devoted my life to help others find the healing they deserve. The most exciting thing for me about Zivel is that our services can help revitalize every part of a person’s life — body, mind and spirit — which again, is what I feel is my life’s purpose.”

Welch and Dr. O’Neil also issued a joint statement:

“Our goal is to open locations in every state, and eventually around the world to help people young and old. Because Zivel is more than just another spa offering, it is a way of life, where we truly believe that everyone should be treated and feel like a rock star.”

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