Ace Frehley’s Former Girlfriend Denied Restraining Order Against Him

According to NBC 7 San Diego, Judge Harry L. Powazek has denied the restraining order that was filed against Ace Frehley (ex-KISS) by his former girlfriend Rachael Gordon. This news comes after a bizarre incident that occurred at their home late last year.

Gordan previously claimed that Frehley returned from a business trip without informing her and that he was accompanied by a male bodyguard, a female bodyguard, and his daughter Monique. Frehley allegedly wouldn’t speak to Gordon and went to his office to gather his guitars and gold records.

The female guard reportedly threatened Gordon with physical violence, while Monique yelled “You are a skank. My family will kill you.” Gordon says the situation left her “in shock, afraid, filled with anxiety” and “paralyzed with fear.” Gordon told NBC 7 San Diego the following about that:

“When I turned to go out of the room the female bodyguard had her fist in my face already and said, ‘Hey, if you say one word you’re going down, one word and listen I’m going to lay you out, right now. She grits her teeth right up into my face and scared me.”

Despite the ruling, Gordon still sees herself as victorious:

“I won because legally he can’t come around. I have a lot of power right now that I can work with and plan to work with.”

Frehley also commented:

“I never laid a hand on Rachael and she admitted it in her deposition.”

“I hope she finds someone else and continues on with her life. I have no bad feelings about her. We did have some good times, but those have passed.”

As previously reported, Gordan was also seeking money from Frehely, who allegedly controlled their finances. She said she needed the funds to pay for rent, deposits on their home, moving expenses, costs of their vehicles, and legal fees.

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